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Brainy Games (Mark Kolb) designs and lasercuts all sorts of games, puzzles and brainteasers. A selection of games is available for free for you to play at home. Games from other game designers are included as well.

Brainy Games also lasercuts game parts and tiles for your game prototypes including wooden, cardboard and acrylic hexagonal tiles.

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Print and play games let you try out games from designers before purchasing the actual game. They are available for your personal use and are copyrighted by their owners.

We recommend printing games onto cardboard stock prior to cutting into tiles or cards as needed.

When ready for one of Mark's actual lasercut wooden games, please order from his Etsy site.

Actual Match and Stack Word Game:

Actual Words in Sight Word Game:

Actual Word Worm Hexagonal Word Game:

Actual Math Ringers Game:

Actual Scrabblers Game:

Actual Lost Letters Book:

Print and Play Games

Brainy Games Available for Printing:

  • Scrabblers Word Game.
    A roll and write game to make 11 words from letter fragments. [Print]
  • Match and Stack Word Game.
    400 three-letter words for ages 4+ to connect using a dozen rules. Quick game for up to six players. [Instructions] | [Download & Print]
  • Words in Sight Word Search Game.
    A dynamic word search game and race for ages 4+. [Instructions] | [Print]
  • Word Worm Game.
    Connect hexagonal letter fragments into words. Ages 5+. [Print] | [Instructions]
  • Math Ringers Game.
    Two to four players think differently about numbers in this math game for ages 5+.
    [Print] | [Instructions]
  • LexiSpell Game.
    Players compete to match words in their manifests.
    [Print] | [Instructions]
  • Lost Letters Game.
    Solitaire word game making words whose letters match patterns. [Print]
  • Word Rotation Game.
    Find words within grids. Each cell has two to five letters. [Print]
  • [Visit] Ambiguity Word Game.
    Teachers can create all sorts of Connections for grades 1 and up.
  • [Visit] Word Sleuths Deduction Game.
    An engaging and fun secret words game for families and team building.

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Other Designers' Games Available for Printing Only
(not for lasercutting):

If you would like your game added for free, please contact Mark (below). All we ask is a link back to this site in return.

Playing Chicken by Joe Slack:

Word Rotation:

Word Sleuths:

Wooden Tiles
Cardboard Tiles
Interlocking Wooden Tiles
Acrylic Tiles

Lasercut Prototype Tiles

Are you prototyping games? Brainy Games can lasercut tiles for you. Tiles are precision lasercut from white 1/32-inch cardboard, 1/8 wooden hardboard and 1/8 or 1/4 clear or colored acrylic. Tiles can be etched or printed with logos and images. Tiles can be any shape.